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  • irondrive rendering

    MAAG® Iron Drive Gear Unit

    A gear unit that helps you reduce operational costs. Cut operating costs. It is that simple. The new MAAG IronDrive Gear Unit is our most efficient drive for vertical roller mills of all sizes, enabling you to increase sustainability. Reliable and safe – it’s the ideal gearbox for all vertical roller mill applications, including coal grinding.

  • MAAG® GEAR CPU Gear Unit

    MAAG® GEAR CPU Gear Unit

    The high-performance gear unit you need to drive your ball mill. Our MAAG® GEAR CPU Central Drive Gear Unit uses a two-stage planetary arrangement to enhance your cement grinding process. It delivers the highest productivity for your ball mill – and takes up less space than a traditional multistage spur gear unit.

  • Durable gear unit for ball mills with updated rotating parts

    MAAG® GEAR Symetro™ Gear

    Life-extending rotating parts for a high-efficiency gear unit. The MAAG® GEAR SYMETRO™ Two-Stage Gear Unit operates at close to 99% productivity while showcasing exceptional reliability and cost-efficiency for your ball mill. Rotating parts using TSHH technology let you bring your gear units back to life – and deliver durability long into the future.

  • MAAG® GEAR MAX Drive System

    MAAG® GEAR MAX Drive System

    Powerful drive system for peak performance in vertical roller mills. With twin drives delivering maximum power, our MAAG® GEAR MAX Drive System builds on our proven track record and rises to the need for increased capacity in your vertical roller mills. The robust reliability of this three-stage drive system is further enhanced by the torque split, self-aligning pinions and flexible coupling.

  • MAAG® GEAR CEM Drive

    MAAG® GEAR CEM Drive

    Increase the energy efficiency of your vertical roller mill. Reducing energy consumption is a top priority for both environmental and economic reasons. But you can't afford to lose performance in your VRM. Our MAAG® GEAR CEM Drive system achieves both, powering VRMs up to 14 000 kW with a compact integrated motor that reduces power loss by more than 20%.

  • MAAG® GEAR WPV Gear Unit

    MAAG® GEAR WPV Gear Unit

    Optimise your vertical roller mill with our robust gear unit. A unique drive system for vertical roller mills, our MAAG® GEAR WPV is a three-stage, bevel-planetary gear unit that reliably drives your mill. This robust gear unit uses torque split to give you highest power output in a compact design with straightforward servicing.

  • MAAG® GEAR WPU Gear Unit

    MAAG® GEAR WPU Gear Unit

    Reliably drive vertical roller mills with our fit-for-duty gear unit. The two series of our MAAG® GEAR WPU Gear Unit ensure that your vertical roller mill has the dependable drive system you need, whatever your required power range. With specifications to ensure safe operation in coal mills, our two-stage gearbox has you covered.

  • MAAG® GEAR LGDX Gear Unit

    MAAG® GEAR LGDX Gear Unit

    Space- and cost-saving lateral gear unit for your ball mill. Redesigned specifically for cement and mining, our MAAG® GEAR LGDX Lateral Gear Unit adapts to different installation sites on the circumference of your mill. The installation flexibility of the LGDX, coupled with our clever approach to lubrication and easy maintenance, make it the perfect fit for your grinding processes.

  • MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit

    MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit

    Reliable roller press gear unit – redesigned to be even better. Used in industries from cement to mining and food processing, our versatile MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit was redesigned in 2013 to be lighter and more standardised. The revamp makes this modern classic perfect for roller presses, horizontal mills, kiln and more – delivering high performance and big cost benefits.

  • MAAG® GEAR PPU-C Gear Unit

    MAAG® GEAR PPU-C Gear Unit

    Adaptable heavy-duty gear unit gives strong results across industries. With the flexibility to work in nearly every heavy-duty application, our MAAG® GEAR PPU-C planetary gear unit is proven technology that gives you results. The compact, modular unit uses an exceptionally efficient tooth arrangement for maximum power transmission in ball mills, while low part variation simplifies servicing.

  • girth gear installation

    MAAG® GEAR Girth Gear

    Keep your mill or kiln up and running with our heavy-duty girth gears. Heavy-duty comminution requires heavy-duty equipment – and our MAAG® GEAR Girth Gears are up to the task. Manufactured using state-of-the-art processes and high-quality source materials, our line of girth gears is fit-for-purpose and for a lifetime – ensuring long-lasting, high-performance for your mill or kiln.

  • gear pinion

    Gear pinions

    Improve your open gears with reliable pinions that function smoothly Manufactured with maximum precision, our gear pinions are customised for your mill and kiln drive application and designed to work harmoniously with girth gears – delivering smooth, reliable operations.

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