Our mission is simple: we create reliable, precise products and forge strong partnerships with our clients – driving progress through precision.

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Evolving demands in heavy-duty industries are driving the need for more efficient, reliable, and sustainable gear technologies. At MAAG, we are dedicated to providing high-precision solutions that respond to this need and enhance the productivity, sustainability and reliability of our clients' operations in cement, mining, and beyond. With a rich history of innovation and a robust product portfolio, we stand as trusted partners, committed to our mission of driving progress through precision. Discover how MAAG can help you elevate your business.

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Shaped by our customers

Mining and cement are demanding industries where one-size-fits-all approaches don’t apply. At MAAG we understand that. That’s why we carefully listen to our customers’ needs and tailor our offerings to meet their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction. Our commitment to customization guarantees that each solution is perfectly fitted to the unique needs of every client, maximizing efficiency and reliability of their operations. As our clients' needs continue to evolve, so does MAAG, adapting and innovating to meet their dynamic demands. Because to us, every challenge is an opportunity to redefine what is possible. See how we deliver excellence through our clients' success stories.

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A Story of Global Impact

MAAG's history isn't just about our company—it's a tale of innovation and progress. It began over a century ago during a transformative era in heavy-duty industries and continues to shape our present. With a global identity stemming from an early presence across multiple countries, our mission has centered around advancing efficiency and reliability across various sectors – worldwide. Witness how we've evolved into a leading provider of gear solutions for a multitude of industries by seamlessly integrating Swiss, Italian, and Polish heritage into a single business entity.

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