Space- and cost-saving lateral gear unit for your ball mill. Redesigned specifically for cement and mining, our MAAG® GEAR LGDX Lateral Gear Unit adapts to different installation sites on the circumference of your mill. The installation flexibility of the LGDX, coupled with our clever approach to lubrication and easy maintenance, make it the perfect fit for your grinding processes.

Efficient side drive gear unit – ideal for ball mills in small spaces

Our MAAG® GEAR LGDX Gear Unit is a three-stage spur gear with torque split, which ensures balanced power distribution through automatic torque equalisations. We supply the complete drive system, side drive and girth gear, all from one source – allowing optimised adjustments to the gear unit and gear girth and efficiently customising your grinding process.


Symmetrical casing for high flexibility

The latest redesign of our lateral side drive improves an already high-quality product. Our MAAG® GEAR LGDX Gear Unit now has the longest possible lifetime, which we achieved by maintaining our proven gearing philosophy, updating the casing design and developing a clever lubrication concept.

Our unique symmetrical gear casing gives you the flexibility to install the side drive at the centre line or 40° below your ball mill. The latter reduces construction costs by cutting down on foundation height. In addition, the low, compact foundation is less sensitive to vibration, which contributes to the continued smooth operation of your ball mill.

If the unit’s gear teeth are worn on one side, the symmetrical casing of the MAAG® GEAR LGDX Side Drive allows you to flip it over and resume operations from the reverse side of the gearing.

Smart lubrication leads to longer lifetimes

We have extended the lifetime of our MAAG® GEAR LGDX Lateral Side Drive by approximately 40% through a clever lubrication concept and the ability to flip over the gear box and operate it in reverse.

Abrasive material like dust and dirt reduces the lifetime of bearings and gearing – and can lead to total breakdowns. Our lateral gear unit avoids bringing dust and dirt into contact with the bearings and medium- and high-speed gearing by separating them from the tooth contact between the output pinon and girth gear. The LGDX includes two independent lubrication systems, one which services the girth gear guard and intakes more dust, and a second which supplies oil for the fast-rotating gearing and bearings and stays clean.

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Proven gearing philosophy

Our three-stage lateral gear unit drives your ball mill directly with two output pinions and reduces the motor speed to precisely the required speed. The torque split design of the MAAG® GEAR LGDX Gear Unit guarantees an equal load distribution between the two output pinions, which automatically self-align.

How does equalised torque distribution work?

The key is the helical gearing on the torque transmission line between the intermediate and output shafts. Any torque imbalances provoke deviation in the axial forces of the helical gearing, automatically pushing the intermediate shaft towards the less-loaded side. When the intermediate shaft shifts sides, the helical gearing allows it to increase the torque – resulting in equalised axial forces.

How does self-alignment happen?

Spherical bearings between the output shaft and the pinons enable the output pinions to self-align. The self-alignment of the output pinions compensates for small run-out deviations and guarantees full tooth contact.

Making your life easier

To simplify your procurement process and facilitate easy installation, we can supply the complete LGDX Side Drive, gear unit and girth gear. The girth gear is a fabricated design, meaning the ring that holds the toothing is made of high-quality alloy steel that has been rolled and bended. Compared to nodular cast or cast-iron base material, our girth gear is significantly more resistant to fatigue and wear.

Compact mill arrangement reduces foundation vibration risk

When you install the MAAG® LGDX side drive at 40° below the ball mill, you not only save money and time due to the low foundation height, you also minimise the risk of vibration issues – increasing the reliability your ball mill.

Enhanced lifespan thanks to smart lubrication and symmetric casing

Two independent lubrication systems keep dust and dirt out of your lateral gear unit. With the continuous clean oil supply and the possibility to flip the MAAG® LGDX over and operate it in reverse, we increase the lifetime of your ball mill side drive by approximately 40%

Fit for replacement and overhauls

The unique symmetrical design of our MAAG® LGDX gear unit allow it to adapt to nearly all existing ball mill interfaces and foundations. This makes our lateral gear unit the perfect solution to replace any worn-out side drives in your ball mill – even if we did not supply the original equipment.

Usable in single and dual arrangement

One side drive provides a power range up to approximately 8,000 kW when engaged with the girth gear of your ball mill. In dual arrangement, with one gear unit on either side of the mill, our MAAG® LGDX gear unit covers grinding applications up to 14,000 kW.

Reliable gear unit components for a complete, adaptable side drive

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Manufactured for durability and safety

The symmetrical casing of our LGDX Gear Unit is made of ductile cast iron and divided into four sections, with every part of the gear unit manufactured to a high standard. Self-alignment of the output pinions ensures full tooth contact to the girth gear and adapts to movements and run-outs. Finally, the torque split guarantees equalised load distribution between both output pinions, delivering optimum power flow from the main motor to your ball mill.

Our girth gear is a fabricated design with either two or four segments. The ring where the toothing is located is made of high-quality alloy steel, which is rolled and bent for extra durability. The rib, which is made of ordinary carbon steel, is welded to the ring and heat treated to eliminate internal stresses. These processes produce a homogenous crystal structure in the base material of the toothing, resulting in significantly higher fatigue- and wear-resistance as compared to cast girth gears.

The connection between the LGDX Gear Unit and the mill is customisable based on your needs and unique circumstances. The T-section of the girth gear provides additional flexibility within the system to counter and absorb any misalignment between the mill and the gear unit.

Keep things simple with the auxiliary drive

The auxiliary drive allows you to slowly turn the ball mill to evenly cool it or for maintenance tasks. It is equipped with a small planetary gearbox and a fluid coupling to minimise torque peak during start up and smoothly accelerate the mill. The overrunning clutch between the auxiliary drive and the main motor automatically disengages the auxiliary drive when the main motor is started.

Cleaner lubrication with separate oil systems

We achieved a significant increase in the longevity of our LGDX Gear Unit by separating the lubrication circuits. One circuit lubricates the output pinions and girth gear, preventing dirt and dust from circulating to the other chamber. All other gear parts and bearings are lubricated within the second closed, clean oil circuit. The clever use of two independent lubrication circuits reduces the quantity of contaminated oil that needs to be exchanged regularly and extends part lifetimes – meaning less maintenance for you.

Beyond a basic condition monitoring system

All of our gear units are equipped with unparalleled condition monitoring sensors. Normally, these types of sensors keep an eye on critical operating parameters like bearing temperatures, casing vibrations, etc. and trigger a mill shutdown in the case of exceedances.

Our condition monitoring system does much more. It lets you set up condition-based preventive maintenance that uses continuous monitoring and data analysis to detect wear and tear at an early stage. With this enhanced information, we help you plan maintenance and servicing in advance, reducing downtime and keeping your plant running smoothly.


MAAG® LGDX Lateral Gear Unit

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Condition Monitoring Systems

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