Reliable roller press gear unit – redesigned to be even better. Used in industries from cement to mining and food processing, our versatile MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit was redesigned in 2013 to be lighter and more standardised. The revamp makes this modern classic perfect for roller presses, horizontal mills, kiln and more – delivering high performance and big cost benefits.

Proven planetary gear unit, revamped for wider applications

Built on a solid concept, our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit merges the best of established design with the most recent technological advances.

As part of the 2013 re-design of the original 1987 unit, we reduced the weight of the MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit and decreased the diversity of parts, along with expanding its potential for use into new applications. The original PPU Gear Unit has a firm foothold in the cement and minerals markets and the re-designed iteration is an excellent fit for small ball mills in a range of industries – from food processing, people transportation and hydro, to lifting, turning and pivoting.


Proven technology – shrunk down

Our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit is a reliable, classic gearbox with two planetary stages and a parallel spur or bevel entry stage. Covering a torque range from 100 to 4,200 kNm and ratios from 1:40 to 1:140, this durable gear unit has been trusted in roller presses for decades. The input speed can be configured between 980 and 1,800, letting our traditional three-speed gear unit adapt to your unique requirements.

When our engineers redesigned the PPU Gear Unit, they gave special consideration to size, reducing both the weight and outer diameter. The compact size simplifies transport and assembly, as well letting you squeeze our gear unit into tight spaces in your plant.

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Easy, integrated lubrication

In order to keep the dimensions down, our engineers incorporated the oil tank into the PPU Gearbox. This minimises the complexity of the oil unit supply while ensuring the teething is splash lubricated and partially force adjusted. The simplified, integrated nature of the oil tank means easier maintenance for you and guarantees smooth operations.

Standard and modular

Another advantage of the 2013 revamp is the greater part standardisation in our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit. By reducing the diversity of parts by 20%, we’ve made it easier for you to have spare parts on hand and lowered the cost and complexity of servicing. For example, the new PPU Gear Unit uses just five types of antifriction bearings, instead of up to eight as with other gearboxes in the same application class.

The highly standardised concept of the PPU Gear Unit also means that ratio adjustments have no impact on delivery times

Adjusts to your needs – with marathon endurance

Our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit uses the optimal design for planetary stages, with spur pre-stages and two-stage planetary reducers – delivering good load distribution when used in pairs to drive two grinding rollers. The left and right gear units are interchangeable, increasing the functional life of the PPU Gear Unit by giving it the flexibility to be used in both directions of rotation. Additionally, our gear unit easily adapts to your required gearbox ratio.

Our PPU Gear Unit gets its high reliability from its ideal sizing and optimum bearing system. The bearing lifetime is in excess of 100,000 hours – resulting in less maintenance work for you and lower overall costs.

Heavy-duty performance in a smaller and lighter design

Our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit gives you greater functionally with a smaller footprint and less weight. Not only does the compact design improve flexibility in terms of configuration and use in different heavy-duty applications, it also simplifies transport and reduces assembly time.

Modular flexibility adapts to your unique circumstances and needs

Based on a modular concept, our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit accommodates different input stage designs that are well-suited to many different applications and industries. The bearing arrangement and gearing design allow for both senses of rotation. Ratio adjustments are also quickly done, making sure the PPU Gear Unit fits your application

Manufactured for a long operating life

We use the latest machines and manufacturing processes, ensuring all parts are fit-for-use and free from defects. Our in-house heat treatment gives us complete control over the hardening processes and material properties – and it gives you confidence in the durability and reliability of the MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit and its components. With our long history of exacting manufacturing standards, we produce components that are free of inclusions and matter-of-factly durable.

Easy maintenance with standardised parts

With only five different types of bearings in our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit and high part standardisation, it’s easy for you to have the spare parts you need on hand. The need for fewer types of parts improves maintenance efficiency, as does the removable input stage.

Flexibility and dependability from our redesigned planetary gear unit

The MAAG® GEAR PPU Gearbox consists of two standardised planetary stages and a spur-type pre-stage to adjust the speed.

The full gear unit system for roller presses is made up of the: main motors, gearbox with torque arms, shrink disk, which connects to the roller press, cardan shaft for connecting to the motors, and common oil unit for both gear units.

Flexible configuration

The exchangeable input stage of our PPU Gear Unit allows you to use a spur or bevel input stage. It delivers efficiency and adaptability by letting you simply change the wheels of the input stage to adjust the gear unit to meet your ratio requirements.

We also provide customised torque arm solutions. These include a balanced torque arm system, a self-regulating system that does not connect to the foundation, or a single torque arm with torsion shaft, which passes torque into the foundation to be absorbed.

The cost-effective single oil unit that is part of the scope of supply for the PPU Gear Unit lubricates both gear units. The gear unit casing also serves as an oil circulation tank, decreasing complexity and ensuring that the PPU Gear Unit is as compact as possible.

Beyond a basic condition monitoring system

All of our gear units are equipped with unparalleled condition monitoring sensors. Normally, these types of sensors keep an eye on critical operating parameters like bearing temperatures, casing vibrations, etc. and trigger a mill shutdown in the case of exceedances.

Our condition monitoring system does much more. It lets you set up condition-based preventive maintenance that uses continuous monitoring and data analysis to detect wear and tear at an early stage. With this enhanced information, we help you plan maintenance and servicing in advance – reducing downtime and keeping your plant running smoothly.

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