MAAG® GEAR KA / KB / Temperex

Efficient gear units for unwavering transmission. Widely used in the mining and cement industries, our industrial gears KA and KB reliably drive belt conveyors and other applications – no matter what your requirements for size or ratio. The modular design of our MAAG® GEAR Temperex Gear Unit meets your needs rationally and economically.

Modular, reliable gear units designed for conveying and similar uses

With applications in brown and hard coal mines, copper and sulphur mines and other general purposes, our MAAG® GEAR KA / KB gear units deliver high-performance torque transmission for the mining industry. Along with our MAAG® GEAR KA / KB gear boxes, our MAAG® GEAR Temperex series offers a variety of types, sizes and ratios – sure to meet your precise industrial gear requirements in the cement and mining industries.

MAAG® GEAR KA / KB / Temperex gear units

Optimal belt conveyor drives

Designed to transmit torque from your electric drive motor to the conveyor shaft, the MAAG® GEAR KA / KB gear units are most often used for belt conveying in the cement and mining industries. For both the KA and KB gear units, the input gear stage is built as bevel gear, followed by a single spur gear reducer stage with the KA and a double reducer stage with the KB.

Adaptivity through uniformity

In order to accommodate the widest possible range of requirements, our MAAG® GEAR Temperex gear units are standardised and modular – delivering the perfect fit for your gearbox needs in the mining and cement industries. The dimensions, ratios and power output of our Temperex gear unit are based on the R20 geometric progression series and in accordance with ISO 3/UNI 2016/DIN 323 standards.

With its modular design, the MAAG® GEAR Temperex gear unit accommodates your needs rationally and economically in nearly every industrial application.

Built to last

We ensure the high strength and wear resistance of our KA / KB gear units and the full Temperex range through smart design, well-manufactured components and top-notch materials. Our KA / KB gear units use cyclo-palloid toothing for the bevel stage, with gear wheels made of an alloy, case-hardened steel. The roller bearings used by the KA / KB gear units depend on the load type transmitted and have a long operating life.

The KA / KB gear units come standard with a splash-gravity lubrication system and a condition monitoring system, both of which can be upgraded. The standard versions of our MAAG® GEAR KA / KB gear units function at peak performance in environmental temperatures ranging from -30°C to 40°C – and our accessories can allow you to drive belt conveying system in even more extreme environments.

The gears in the MAAG® GEAR Temperex range are made of chrome-nickel molybdenum steel and case-hardened and ground on precision tool machines. The modified tooth profiles of the cylindrical helical gears used in our Temerpex gear units limit scuffing or scoring – and provide better load distribution.

The light, compact construction of our KA / KB gear units and the Temperex range should not suggest lightweight performance – our industrial gear is designed and built

Out-of-the-box performance

Our gear units undergo a trial run in our factory test station before being shipped to you – ensuring that they are operationally fit and ready for implementation. The reducers in the Temperex series are also delivered ready for operation, after having undergone strict test bench inspections before being sent to your plant.

Experience in design and manufacturing

We have deep experience developing industrial gears and use state-of-the art design processes that apply the newest calculation methods through advanced computer techniques. Our highly-trained engineers and machine operators employ engineering programs and computer software to design and precisely manufacture durable components.

Using the latest developments in heat-treatment and teeth machining, we produce long-lasting, well-fitting components that contribute to the reliability of our gear units. Our precise machines and strict control process ensure high-quality rotors and casings. With our advanced manufacturing processes and in-house know-how, we guarantee that our technical assumptions are met every time – and give you gear units with silent operation, high efficiency and unmatched value.

Silent, efficient gear unit operation

The precise manufacturing and component alignment of our KA / KB and Temperex gear units deliver quiet, straight-forward function. The splash-gravity lubrication also contributes to efficiency and sound-reduction – bringing overall ease of operation with low noise levels.

Minimal maintenance and high uptime

From the hydraulic disassembly of the roller bearings in our MAAG® GEAR KA / KB gear units, to protection against dust and contaminations for roller bearings in the MAAG® GEAR Temperex range, these gear units deliver limited downtime with simplified servicing.

Highly customisable industrial gear

The modular nature of industrial gears in our Temperex range makes it simple to get the exact configuration you need for your mining or cement processing operations. Our KA / KB gear units and Temperex transmissions are customisable for the requirements of your specific application – giving you made-to-order performance.

Reliable and ready-to-go

The proven reliability of our KA / KB and Temperex gear units provides long-lasting, hassle-free operations. In addition to being comprehensively tested before being shipped, our KA / KB gear units are easily installed on the drum shaft – ensuring smooth belt conveying from the get-go.

High-quality components and accessories for trouble-free conveying

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Gears and shafts deliver long-lasting performance

In order to ensure optimal tooth contact and long reliability, the gears in our MAAG® GEAR KA / KB / Temperex gear units are case-hardened and ground on precision machines. The toothing of the bevel stage in the KA and KB gear units is cyclo-palloid and all necessary modifications are included for the toothing of helical stages.

Gear wheels used in our KA / KB gearboxes are made of an alloy steel, ensuring high durability and wear resistance, as well as enabling light, compact gear unit construction. Our Temperex range has chrome-nickel molybdenum steel gears, with the spiral conical gear profiles for bevel sets hard cut in our modern multi-axis milling centres after heat treatment. The durable shafts used in the MAAG® GEAR Temperex gear units are made of high-quality quenched and tempered alloy steel.

Sealed, sturdy casings

The casings for our Temperex gear units are manufactured either in cast iron, which delivers high mechanical resistance, or from fabricated and electro-welded steel plates. Heat treatment and shot-peening normalises the casings and, as a final step, they are machined to create perfect joints – preventing the possibility of oil leaks. The internal surfaces of the casings are coated in oil-resistant paint and the external paint is resistant to oil, solvents and other damaging substances that may be in the environment of your mining or cement operations.

In the standard version of the KA and KB gear units, the ribbed casings are made of ductile cast iron. Our manufacturing processes ensure the high quality of the casings in the acoustic and dynamic state. Not only do the casings of our gear units simplify maintenance by acting as oil tanks, the shafts are also sealed to prevent contamination of bearings and toothing – extending their service intervals.

Rugged bearings

Our KA and KB gear units work on roller bearings, while the Temperex range are equipped with amply dimensioned, tapered cylindrical roller bearings. The bearings in the KA and KB gearboxes have an estimated lifespan of 30,000 working hours and those in the Temperex units have a nominal lifetime of above 20,000 at rated power. The bearings in all our industrial gear units are covered and protected against dust and other possible contaminations, through a combination of lip and labyrinth seals that are designed for mineral lube oils.

Lubrication and monitoring come standard

Our MAAG® GEAR KA / KB / Temperex gear units use splash-gravity lubrication systems and, depending on application, are also equipped with oil heaters to ensure the smoothest lubrication of gears and bearings. You also have the option of a pressure lubrication system if your circumstances or purposes require it.

The basic configurations of our KA / KB and Temperex gear units are equipped with resistance thermometers to monitor oil temperature and alert you if things get too hot. The monitoring system switches off the main motor if operating conditions reach a critical temperature.

The monitoring system of the KA / KB / Temperex gear units can be upgraded as desired to allow you to perform condition-based preventive maintenance.

Accessories deliver the complete package

If you have environmental or operating requirements that extend beyond the standard scope of delivery, our MAAG® GEAR KA/KB and Temperex gear units can be fitted with a number of accessories. For installations with very high heat dissipation, we can equip our industrial gearboxes with forced lubrication systems that are mounted laterally on the housing – or even on a separate oil tank.

In very low temperature environments, we can apply heating cartridges. Likewise, if the power levels you require are larger than the thermal power of the gear unit, we improve cooling capacity by adding a fan installed on the input shaft or a purpose-designed gear casing with a surface that can handle the increased heat radiation.

If your gear unit uses a pressure lubrication system, we recommend a more thorough system to observe operating conditions. Our upgraded monitoring systems includes pressure transmitters, resistance temperature transmitters, thermometers and pressure gauges. As required by your mining and cement processes, we can also equip our KA / KB / Temperex gear units with vibration sensors.

To complete the scope of supply, we can recommend and supply a variety of couplings for you to use between our industrial gears and the main motor or between the gear units and your drive equipment.


Condition Monitoring Systems

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