MAAG® GGL Girth Gear lubrication

A lubrication system designed for high-viscosity grease. High-viscosity grease is better for your MAAG® girth gear, but hard on your lube pump. That’s why we’ve developed a new air/grease lubrication system designed to handle high viscosity grease at low velocities – ensuring your girth gear is cared for and your bills stay low.

Efficient and precise – MAAG® GGL girth gear lubrication system

Lubrication is essential to the working of your gear unit. But not all lubricants are created equal. New, high-viscosity greases are transforming the efficiency and life expectancy of gear parts – but to make the most of these new greases, you need a lube pump that’s up to the task. The MAAG GGL girth gear lubrication system was designed to meet this need. It’s a spray lubrication system that provides the required lubricant quantity in every working condition, saving on lubricant use and therefore reducing costs and environmental impact. It is designed to cope well with high viscosity lubricants, while maintaining the ability to work at low velocities – so you’re only ever using as much grease as you need.

girth gear installation

Precise, efficient application

The adjustable sprayers are programmed to precisely target the areas that require lubricant, ensuring no unnecessary use of lubrication and a good, even coverage.

No blockages or build-up

The spraying unit uses a vacuum system to prevent lubricant from remaining inside and building up in the nozzle. A heating system in the grease distribution panel and (optionally) in the main tank keep the lubricant moving.

Prolongs the life of your MAAG® girth gear

Efficient lubrication ensures your gear keeps going for longer. Reduced wear prolongs gear life and reduces maintenance costs.

Improved thermal footprint

Because the sprayers are adjustable, we’re able to achieve better grease distribution across the teeth surface. This enables better contact and working conditions, which lowers the hertz pressure in the specific teeth area and reduces the temperature on the teeth.

Your high-viscosity, low-velocity lubrication system

As standard, your girth gear lubrication system includes:

Special Electra pump - a proprietary electrical tri-phase pump for 180 kg tank, including photoelectric distance sensor for minimum-maximum/superminimum grease level in tank Air group for spray valves: with electro valve, pressure switch and filter for pressure regulation and electro valve bypass Grease distribution panel with cover sealing system, ventilated heater with thermostat (15 – 20°C local temperature), and electrical pressure switch (2 signal on/off) Adjustable sprayers. The number of sprayers will be defined according to the application Larger pipe diameter (13 mm internal) Three pre-set phases, exact values to be defined

Adjustable sprayers

The sprayers can be adjusted in two directions to ensure the best possible positioning and an even coating of lubrication across the gear. The grease distribution panel includes an electrical pressure switch that enables you to check the exact air working pressure, not just the system pressure.

Easy-clean application

Using air to propel the grease gives us an easy means of cleaning and emptying the nozzle to prevent build-up and blockages.

Increased pipe diameter

The new lubrication pump uses pipes measuring 13 mm internal diameter. This increased opening enables smoother flow of the high-viscosity grease through the pipe.

Simple set-up

The Special Electra pump comes equipped with three preset phases, making it easy to switch between start-up, normal running conditions, and emergency settings at the touch of a button.

Fits in place

The MAAG GGL girth gear lubrication system will be designed to fit precisely within the footprint of your existing girth gear for easy, drop-in installation.



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